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    Introducing The Benefit X-Change
    A fixed cost health benefits program
    that helps you Recruit and Retain great employees.
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    Happier Employees AND Reduced Cost
Let Us Show You How It Works!

Your Own Private Healthcare Exchange

The Benefit X-Change

Your private Benefit X-Change® is an online store where your employees buy personal health benefits and reimburse themselves TAX-FREE with money allocated through your "Defined-Contribution" health plan.

Connecting You to the Employee Benefits Resources You Need

The Benefit X-Change uses innovative, cutting-edge technology and three decades of industry experience to offer employers their own personalized Private X-Change®, predictability in health-care costs and a realistic path out of benefits management.

  • Employers allocate a tax-free defined amount per employee.
  • Employees are presented an online “supermarket” with more benefits than most Fortune 500 companies.
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It is the solution that improves efficiencies and lowers costs.

The Benefit X-Change

Outsource Your Healthcare Administration

The Benefit X-Change operates as your benefits administration platform to automate the handling of enrollment, eligibility, employee support, payroll reporting and more. Saving employers time and money plus empowering employees creates a WIN-WIN environment for employee recruiting and retention!

The Formula is Easy

Step 1

The employer signs up, determines their contribution and enrolls employees. Employees receive their own user names and passwords.

Step 2

Employees select the policies they want from the exchange and pay the premiums themselves. Employees choose policies that best fit their needs and typically cost less than ½ the price of Group plans. Similar to a business expense account, the money stays with the company until an expense is incurred.

Step 3

The employer uses its existing payroll software or service to record pre-tax deductions and reimbursements in less than 5 minutes per month.

How Does This Work For My Company?

With the rising costs of healthcare, businesses are searching for alternatives to expensive group plans. With the Benefit X-Change® your employees will have access to a wide selection of top-tier personal insurance products and your company can contribute as little or as much as you’d like. Plus both employer contribution and employee premiums are 100% tax-free.

Offer Health Benefits on Any Budget

Individual Policies are Much Cheaper than Group

Pick Your Contribution - From $0 to Unlimited

You and Your Employees Save On Taxes

We Handle All Employee Questions

Define Your Own Employee Classes

Contribute Different Amounts to Each Class

Employees Choose from Dozens of Options

We Handle All Benefits Administration